Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Field Observation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Field Observation - Essay Example Therefore, in this field study, the effects of the prison system will be examined while how the police treat people in society will be discussed. â€Å"Sociologists view crime and state responses to crime as historically rooted in a social context. In many cases, patterns of punishment are only loosely related to underlying shifts in criminal behavior and often involve political conflicts over the status of socially marginal groups. This perspective offers valuable insights into the dramatic shifts in criminal behavior and its punishment over the last three decade† (The Sociology of Crime and Punishment). Along with that, some sociologists believe if people felt like that they were being surveillance, they would have more self-control to avoid being judged by others. Furthermore, it would give the surveillancers empowerment over those people who are watched, which is good for the criminal justice system. As a society, police need that empowerment so that criminals can feel a little imitation when they are faced by them. Along with that, from a sociological theory, the criminal justice system can be more effective by using it due to the fact that people are extremely self-aware when being watched and will behave when they know they are being indirectly controlled. Even though the government defines crime and while the government has good intention in protecting U.S. citizens from terrorism, having the authority to go through someone’s personal telephone and email communication while searching through their financial and medical records is truly an invasion of privacy, which goes against everything American stands for. Furthermore, this Patriot Act is unacceptable due to the fact it takes away from living in the land of the free. â€Å"On March 9, 2006, President Bush Signed The USA PATRIOT Improvement And Reauthorization Act Of 2005. Since its enactment in October 2001, the Patriot Act has been vital to winning the War on Terror

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