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The Formalistic Approach to Hays Rapunzel Essay -- Hay Rapunzel Essay

The Formalistic Approach to Hay's Rapunzel Prayer has been always a symbol of faith, and even in modern poetry it is still used as a desperate cry to the One in Heaven. One of the great examples of this desperate cry would be Sara Henderson Hay's "Rapunzel".After reading her modern version, familiarity with Grimm's fairy tale "Rapunzel" will reveal a completely new interpretation. Sara Hay chooses Rapunzel's prayer to be in the sonnet structure. Sonnet, being a part of a lyric genre, represents the most personal and direct speaking manner. Here, the lyric poet is speaking from Rapunzel's point of view almost singing her sufferings, her feelings and her past experiences. Let's remember the first line of the sonnet: "Oh, God, let me forget the things he said". The elegy starts in the prayer form. It helps us to understand from the first line that the lyric hero is in suffering and is desperate. Through the words "let me forget", we can hear the echo of the past life, past things, that may never come back. The author (heroine) is leaving us in suspense, because she will never reveal to us "the things he said" and "the promises he made". The repeating formula "let me" reveals to us Rapunzel's feelings and is establishing the tone of the poem. The first lines help us to hear our heroine's voice tone, and to understand her suffering. Looking more at the first stanza, we can see many associations and connections between some words and the religious motif of prayer. The words "freezing and burning" are the extremes that help us to hear the echo of "Hell" (Rhetoric 102K class discussion, January 23 2001). In the same way the word promises in the Bible is syn onymous with the word covenant (or Testament). In the fifth li... ...ed by love, now has become the knowing one: " I knew...I knew...I might have known." Looking at the last line of the sonnet we understand its purpose. Here, we see the image of many symbolic Rapunzels. The heroine is looking at the past and at the future, and realizes that her life is just one small piece, compared to the Eternal concept, or a concept of All. She realizes that the earthly life is not eternal and she is just a suffering traveler like many others. Hay’s "Rapunzel" begins as a true worshiper, and finds her plight to be too disconcerting to communicate even to her Creator. So, she devolves into her own imaginings with groans so deep that only her soul can commune at this level. Prayer turns to song, song turns to fantasy, and in her heart, fantasy reveals tragic reality. Her only true hope is found in first heart cry: "Oh, God..."

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Knowledge Management Practice at Mindtree

KM Practice at Mindtree Mindtree visit: 10th September 2007 Presentation by Raj Datta Mindtree he said believes in a holistic KM Approach. It is important to cover the entire life cycle of knowledge when we think of any Knowledge management initiative in an organization. And to do so we need to recognize the spiral nature of the knowledge and the interdependencies. The 2 types of KM approaches are Control:the organization monitors the KM database and the quality of content generated.Community:The communities of knowledge automatically filter out junk using peer reviews which is a more transparent process. Mindtree approach to build a KM solution †¢ He said that people are naturally motivated to share. †¢ KM is an emergent phenomenon †¢ Knowledge is not produced like manufacture goods †¢ If control is softer there will be more self organization and collaboration †¢ Environment and culture play in important role in KM †¢ A high focus on the needs of the Kn owledge worker is essential †¢ Change is enabled, not forced.KM goal at Mindtree : To establish systems , Process and Culture that helps to continuously build their intellectual capital. Intellectual capital can be found in 3 forms †¢ Knowledge of the people/individuals of the organization. †¢ Knowledge contained in the organizational structures, processes, social networks. †¢ Knowledge contained in the interfaces between the organization and its clients. KM is socio technical in nature. A good and effective KM practice can influence the organization in the following ways | | | |Better Quality | | | |Higher productivity | | | |Innovative Solutions |And therefore |Higher Customer Satisfaction | |Faster response time |———–> |Higher Employee Satisfaction | |Increased Speed of delivery |lead to | | |Shorter learning curves | | | Knowledge lifecycle The cycle given below is called GALIS. The Get and Share parts of the cycle are enabled usin g a centralized repository. Certain types of Knowledge can be imparted by Training. But certain other types of knowledge are emergent. Knowledge that cannot be shared by training needs to be shared and communicated using other means such as †¢ Storytelling †¢ Roleplay †¢ Simulation †¢ Games Stories are the way in which the core values of the company are passed on to the associates.This helps associates understand the levels of integrity, right behavior etc expected from them. The KM journey of Mindtree involves various of SocioTechnical solutions. They are illustrated below Osmosis:It the annual technical fest conducted my Mindtree in which Mindtree minds share their technical project knowledge and demo products/projects to the rest of the company. Communities:Groups of people with common interests who get together and discuss issues pertaining to their areas of interest and thereby enable knowledge sharing. These groups have their own website supported by KM gro up and make their own membership rules. They moderate themselves and are not controlled by any external agent. Examples: OOAD, Japanese, Innovation etcKnowledgeNet, Project Space, Connected Minds and Open Mind are all portals, some which facilitate information exchange and discussions within the organization and some with the clients. KnowledgeSafari,Unconference etc are other techniques used by Mindtree in their KM practice. Knowledge Driven project management is practiced in Mindtree. Neuron:This is a portal that manages the ideas generated by the Mindtree minds. It is the tool for Idea and Innovation management. The tools and techniques used by Mindtree for creative and systematic innovation are †¢ Six thinking hats †¢ TRIZ †¢ Mindmapping Ideas go through the stages of †¢ Feasible †¢ Viable †¢ Develop †¢ DeployOn the portal the idea submissions have the following fields Idea: Submitted by: Primary category: Primary Nurturer: State:feasible/viabl e/etc IP Potential: Any comment on any idea should always be accompanied by comments from all the thinking hat perspectives i. e a black hat comment has to be substantiated with comments from all the other colored hat perspectives. This way the initial biases towards any idea are removed and subjectivity in decisions is reduced. The rewards and recognition for practicing KM in the organization are given in the following forms †¢ Community Champion award †¢ Innovation award †¢ Top 10 submitters award †¢ Patenting Award †¢ Community of the quarter award.Over the course of time it has been observed that the incidence of awards are coming down and knowledge sharing is happening with lesser external incentives. Conclusion The following are the important points to be noted from this study †¢ The culture of the organization impacts the KM practice †¢ Communities of practice is an effective way of knowledge sharing . †¢ It is important to note the pow er of IT in KM †¢ The socio-technical nature if KM has to be considered seriously for any KM practice. ———————– INNOVATE APPLY LEARN GET SHARE INNOVATE Neuron COLLABORATE ConnectedMinds+OpenMind+ProjectSpace SHARE KnowledgeNet OSMOSIS Annual Tech Fest COMMUNITIES

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Essay on The Greater Sin in Hawthornes The Scarlet Letter

The Greater Sin in The Scarlet Letter In essence, there were three main sins committed in The Scarlet Letter, the sins of Hester, the Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale, and Roger Chillingworth. Roger Chillingworth committed the greatest sin because he let himself be ruled by hatred and the consuming desire for vengeance. The overpowering vengeance and hatred felt by Chillingworth caused his life to be centered on demeaning Dimmesdale and tormenting him until the end of time. Both Hester Prynne and Arthur Dimmesdale committed sins for which they were deeply remorseful, Roger Chillingworth, however, committed the greater sin because he felt no guilt. Unknowingly, Hester Prynne sailed from Europe to the Americas betrayed and tricked.†¦show more content†¦Reverend Dimmesdale was a renowned, prideful man stricken with sin and extreme guilt. From the time Hester and Dimmesdale made love, he was grievous of his sin but he also felt a great love towards her. Dimmesdales stubborn pride troubled him greatly, and although he tried many times, he could not confess his sin to his religious followers. Dimmesdale felt guilt so strongly that he scourged himself on his breast and patterned an â€Å"A† into his own flesh, yet he could not confess his sin until his grief grew so great it caused him to perish. Reverend Dimmesdales sin was greater than Hesters because he let his pride conflict with his repentance, and let his life be ruined by his anguish. Physically deformed and mysterious, Roger Chillingworth finally met his wife after being separated from her for almost two years. He showed no great anger towards her and took upon himself some of the accountability saying it was â€Å" folly and thy weakness,† (Hawthorne 52) which was the cause of Hesters sin. Chillingworths only feeling was one of revenge towards the man who had been Hesters lover. Chillingworth was obsessed by hate and revenge so much that when Dimmesdale died â€Å"... the life seemed to have departed...† (Hawthorne 72) from him and he died within a year of Dimmesdales death. Chillingworth never felt guilt or attempted repentance because he â€Å"... violated, in cold blood, the sanctity of a human heart.† (Hawthorne 133). He sought to destroy DimmesdalesShow MoreRelated Justice Explored in Nathaniel Hawthornes The Scarlet Letter1043 Words   |  5 Pages Justice Explored in The Scarlet Letter nbsp; Nathaniel Hawthorne created themes in The Scarlet Letter just as significant as the obvious ideas pertaining to sin and Puritan society. Roger Chillingworth is a character through which one of these themes resonates, and a character that is often underplayed in analysis. His weakness and path of destruction of himself and others are summed up in one of Chillingworths last sentences in the novel, to Arthur Dimmesdale: Hadst thou sought the wholeRead MoreMahek Mehta Ap Preparation Guide : The Scarlet Letter1175 Words   |  5 PagesMahek Mehta AP Preparation Guide: The Scarlet Letter Introduction: The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne is the most famous of the American romanticist’s works, which often centered on the topic of America’s Puritan history. Led by John Winthrop, the Puritans formed a theology in Massachusetts in the 1630s. They were English Protestants who migrated to the New World and demanded greater religious discipline than their English counterparts. Romanticism was divided intoRead MoreJohn Proctor And The Scarlett Letter1299 Words   |  6 PagesDuring the 16th and 17th century a group of reformed protestant called Puritans had a profound effect on the establishment of Religion, this influenced early American society. Arthur Miller’s, The Crucible and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s, The Scarlett Letter texts prevail the theme of Religion and Adultery. These particular authors wrote during the Puritan times and conveyed this time period in their texts while exploring the similarities and difference of Religion and Adulter y in the Puritan CommunityRead MoreNathaniel Hawthorne s The Scarlet Letter1896 Words   |  8 PagesIn a surface examination of the work of Nathaniel Hawthorne, it is quickly evident that no good things come from the wilderness. Therein, the wilderness is often associated with the savages and the devil. In his work The Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne finds herself exiled by society for having an adulterous affair with the town reverend which brought forth the child known as Pearl. Pearl is quickly established as the child of the wilderness: wild, capricious, and thought by the town to be a demon-childRead MorePublic Humiliation2337 Words   |  10 Pageshand, as a result of Reverend Dimmesdale withholding his sin, a hard-hitting sickness secretly hits the reverend. The scarlet letter located on Hester’s chest is a constant reminder of her wrong decision. In the novel The Scarlet Letter, author Nathaniel Hawthorne expresses the effects of sin in many ways, including public hu miliation, Hester and the scarlet letter and Dimmesdale’s sickness. Maria Stromberg, who wrote the article â€Å"Hawthorne’s Black Man: Image of Social Evil† expresses the danger ofRead MoreNathaniel Hawthorne s The Scarlet Letter2037 Words   |  9 PagesScarlet Letter Final Essay In The Scarlet Letter, author Nathaniel Hawthorne examines the moral consequences of sin, or an offense against religious or moral law, and poses the question to his readers; can individuals be redeemed for their sins? The two central characters in the novel, Hester Prynne and Arthur Dimmesdale, both commit the sin of adultery. However, each character deals with their wrongdoing in opposite ways. Initially it seems that Hester Prynne’s sin is worse than that of ReverendRead MoreAnalytical Essay on the Scarlet Letter2040 Words   |  9 PagesIn his book, The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne tells of a story where a young woman has had an adulterous relationship with a respected priest in a Puritan community. Typical of Hawthornes writings is the use of imagery and symbolism. In Chapter 12, The Ministers Vigil, there are several uses of imagery when Dimmesdale, the priest, is battling with confessing his sin, which has plagued him for seven years. Three evident technique s used to personify symbolism in this chapter are the useRead MoreNathaniel Hawthornes Literature During Early America1560 Words   |  7 PagesNathaniel Hawthornes literature exhibits the influence of many factors. Much of his literature addresses Puritan culture in early America, commonly focusing on the shortcomings and hypocrisies that became apparent during the numerous witch hunts. Many of his works are allegorical, using the Puritan setting to portray his own ideas about ancestry, history, and religion. While The Scarlet Letter and House of the Seven Gables are among Hawthornes most known works, he produced a large sum of workRead MoreThe History of American Literature3501 Words   |  15 PagesGeorgia, East and West Florida, the Cherokee Country, etc (1791) by William Bartram . Travel stories often blended observations on nature and landscape with tales of personal courage and achievement. The first American newspaper, the Boston News-Letter, was founded in 1704, an d joined by the Boston Gazette in 1719. At a time when newspaper journalism was concerned primarily with reporting political events, the New-England Courant, started by James Franklin in 1721, became the first newspaper toRead MoreThe House of the Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne Essay6806 Words   |  28 PagesJaffrey. And that was the end of the Pyncheon - Maule dispute. The story presents us with several themes. Firstly, that the sins of the forefathers are passed on to the next generations, and they become branded for life. Although one cannot undo what have already been done, he can still strive to break the curse, and free himself from the spiral of sin. Secondly, man cannot live alone. Isolation can draw out life from a being. Clifford and Hepzibah who had been living n seclusion

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Marble Racing to Find a Liqids Viscosity - 1612 Words

Race Your Marbles to Discover a Liquids Viscosity Which Liquid Has the Highest Viscosity? In this project we will determine the viscosities of 5 separate liquids. The liquids we will test are corn syrup, honey, vegetable oil, milk, and water. We will find their viscosities by dropping a marble into each of these liquids and measuring the time it takes for it to reach the bottom. Before we conduct the experiment, we must first understand what viscosity is. â€Å"Viscosity is the quantity that describes a fluids resistance to flow†.1 It is essentially fluid friction and transforms kinetic energy of motion into heat energy, just as friction (â€Å"the force between surfaces in contact that resists their relative tangential motion†) does between†¦show more content†¦This equation is not a law of nature, but a reasonable first approximation. Liquids such as water and some gases fit this criterion and are called Newtonian fluids. Water is an example of a Newtonian fluid because, no matter how fast it is stirred or mixed, it still exemplifies properties of a fluid. When stirring or mixing a non-Newtonian fluid a â€Å"hole† is left behind. It may also become thinner and more viscous. Jean Louis Marie Poiseuille was interested in the flow of human blood and formulated Poiseuille’s Law. He made a series of tubes to test uniform viscous liquids in. These successfully modeled the blood flow in capillaries and veins, flow through a drinking straw, air flow in lung alveoli, or through a needle. The equation he used was: [pic] where: ΔP is the pressure drop L is the length of pipe ÃŽ ¼ is the dynamic viscosity Q is the volumetric flow rate r is the radius Ï€ is pi In order to form a hypothesis of which fluid has the highest viscosity, we must also have knowledge of each fluid we will test. Corn syrup is glucose syrup that is made from cornstarch. The viscosity and sweetness of it depends on the amount of hydrolysis it undergoes. It is most commonly used as a thickener, a sweetener, and in maintaining a food’s freshness. Honey

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Consumer Behavior - 2178 Words

1. Using the tricomponent attitude model, compare the differences in attitude of consumers towards Kraft Foods versus their attitude towards Vegemite. The tricomponent attitude model is made up of Cognitive, Affective and Conative component. The three components are interrelated and integrate to form an attitude of a person toward any product or service in consumer scenario. Here we are studying how the consumers react to Kraft Food and Vegemite. Cognitive Component Cognition is basically making decisions going through a thinking process. So this thinking process can occur on the basis of knowledge and perceptions that already existed in the consumers minds. The Cognitive Component of attitude is developing a belief based on past†¦show more content†¦Elements of Consumer learning The basic elements that contribute to an understanding of learning are motivation, cues, response and reinforcement. Consumers will be motivated to learn if the information is relevant to their needs and goals while cues serve to direct consumer drives when they are consistent with consumer expectations. Response is how consumers react or behave to a drive or a cue while reinforcement increases the likelihood a response will occur in the future as a result of a cue. Kraft encouraged consumer input for their new Vegemite product through the â€Å"How do you like your Vegemite† and the â€Å"Name me..† campaign. By getting the consumers to be involved, the Australians will feel that they ‘own’ the brand which created the sense of belonging. Kraft asked consumers to log on to the website and post their ideas on the different ways they ate the product. Instrumental Conditioning Instrumental Learning theorists believe that learning occurs through a trial and error process in which the positive outcomes in the form of results or desired outcomes lead to repeat behaviour like Repeat Purchase or Repeat Positive Word of Mouth. Both positive and negative reinforcement can be used to encourage the desired behaviour. The timing of repetitions influences how long the learned material is retained. Learning usually persists longer with distributed re-inforcement schedule, while mass repetitions produce more initialShow MoreRelatedConsumer Behavior And Consumer Behaviour715 Words   |  3 Pages Consumer Behavior Consumer behavior is the study of consumers and the influences they go through to make particular purchasing decisions of products or services available in a market. As a discipline, consumer behavior delves into the dynamics of consumer rationale by evaluating their mindsets on certain items. Therefore, it combines aspects of economics, psychology, marketing and sociology in an attempt to derive a deeper understanding of the behavior of consumers. Moreover, it does not just evaluateRead MoreConsumer Behavior and Marketing: Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior1865 Words   |  8 PagesConsumer Behavior Marketing In their process of goods and services consumption customers are influenced by different factors that marketers study in order to satisfy customer’s needs. This research made on consumer behavior is important for companies in order to successfully establish their marketing plan, to sell their products or services and also to establish a good relationship with customers. In this paper work the three factors that were chosen to describe the impact on consumer behaviorRead MoreConsumer Behavior And Consumer Behaviour2199 Words   |  9 PagesConsumer behavior definition Consumer behavior refers to the behavior of consumers when they buy and consume economic goods and services. The behavior during the purchase of goods consists of, the purchase planning, purchase negotiations, the purchase completion, which still has contractual nature, to post purchase behavior is highly variable (Schiffmann Wisenblit, 2015, p. 30-32). The consumer is influenced by the different factors such as: culture, family, peer groups, feelings, attitudes, personalityRead MoreConsumer Behavior And Consumer Behaviour2274 Words   |  10 PagesIntroduction A consumer is any person that is involved in the process of consumption. They are identified according to the market type to which they belong, namely final and industrial consumers (Solomon, et al., 2013). Understanding the consumer behaviors will aid in appreciating the various market segments and developing strategies for effecting market penetration in these segments. It will also help in identifying market gaps and shape their needs and objectives so as to solve the day-to-day consumer’sRead MoreQuestions On Consumer Behaviour And Consumer Behavior1536 Words   |  7 Pages2014 SUBMISSION TITLE: Consumer Behaviour PRODUCT: Two Wheeler INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT LUCKNOW Over the years there has been a shift in the consumer buying behaviour of two wheelers. While cost, fuel efficiency and comfort have been primary influencers throughout, factors such as aesthetics, brand recognition have gained importance in the recent years. Following are the key consumer factors that have witnessed a change over the years: Change in Consumer Behaviour with AffordabilityRead MoreConsumer Traits and behaviors2177 Words   |  9 Pagesï » ¿ Consumer Traits and behavior Paper Team B Eduardo Becerra, Irinia Gomez, Takeshia Seeden PSY/322 November 4, 2013 Earnest Broussard University of Phoenix Consumer Traits and Behavior Paper Today’s users are demonstrating a fantastic desire for new services and products. It has created possibilities for users, marketing providers and companies too eventually approve or disapprove latest ideas. For users to help and view their behaviors in making correct decisionsRead MoreConsumer Perception Of Consumer Behavior Essay1488 Words   |  6 PagesConsumer Perception Consumer behaviours are constructed by their attitudes, and the attitude itself is the result of the consumers’ perception (Fishbein Ajzen, 1975). This construct is explored in the Theory of Reasoned Action, where Fishbein and Ajzen (1975) state this in regards to attitude-behaviour relationships. When it comes to greenwashing, research has found that this attitude-behaviour relationship could manipulate the perception of the consumer. The consumer perceptions when it comesRead MoreQuestions On Consumer Behaviour And Consumer Behavior2064 Words   |  9 Pages1. Introduction 1.1 Why do marketers need to understand consumer behaviour? Marketers need to understand consumer behaviour in order to know what the consumer wants from a product. This is because different types of people will want different things from the products they buy; for example, an older, married couple will have different needs and wants to a young couple. Marketers also need to understand the behaviour of consumers to design and construct the best marketing approach to capture the chosenRead MoreConsumer Behavior And The Digital World1302 Words   |  6 PagesConsumer Behaviour in a Digital World Introduction Consumer behaviour reflects the acquisition, consumption, and disposition of goods, services, time ideas made by decision making units (textbook). It involves many people and many decisions. The digital world significantly impacts consumer behaviours in each stage. It serves customers with more offers and provides them new consumption patterns, which are more fabulous and convenient. To marketers, these changes can be good opportunities but alsoRead MoreConsumer Behavior Case Study1274 Words   |  6 PagesConsumer behavior case study Introduction of the company HSBC  Bank  UK  is  a  public  limited  company  that  is  headquartered  in  London,  England.  The  HSBC  was  founded  in  Hong  Kong,  China,  but  was  forced  to  move  to  London  in  1992. According  to  Forbes  Magazine,  HSBC  Bank  is  the  largest  banking  group  in  the  world.  Also,  Forbes  Magazine  stated  that  the  bank  is  the  sixth  largest  company  in  the  world. HSBC  Bank  has  many  locations  all  over  the  world;  a  significant  number  of  the  locations  are  within  Asia

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Conducted Survey Over 2600 Australians †Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About the Conducted Survey Over 2600 Australians? Answer: Introducation This article has conducted survey over 2600 Australians that represent all possible walks of life and attempted to classify the whole population of Australia into 7 different categories which have been identified after analyzing 2600 people. As per the author it is not necessary that people will be a part of particular tribe but it will actually help to identify different group of attitudes that exists among people. Also, this test will be more useful for the general public to identify which group they fall into. Tribes Analysis Activist egalitarian They believe in redistribution of wealth. Also, the less one earn, more likely he/she would be Egalitarian. They have strong conscience and support climate action (Coleman, 2005). Progressive cosmopolitan They are generally rich people with college degree and have international outlook believe on multicultural society and more likely to stay at cities that countries. They are also supportive of climatic action and resemble activist egalitarian in this respect. Ambitious saver They are far more likely to be young people who stays at cities and are much conscious about financial security, organized life and career. They do not care much about social or political topics. Prudential traditionalist They are the most common type found in Australia. They are generally not attracted by luxury, changing social values and are savers. They are generally among the older population of Australia. Lavish mod-con They are the big spenders likely to spend on luxuries of life. They form a small part of population and that too concentrated in Queensland and focus on finer things in life. Such people are less oriented toward climatic action or change in offshore processing of asylum seekers. They are on higher income side and proud of their country and do not indulge themselves in political discussion. Anti-establishment firebrand They are the kind of people who are opposed to globalization and more traditional. This genre is more famous among men than women. They always vote for minor parties and never for green. They also interfere with the government policies and actions and are skeptical about immigration benefits. They are quite random in their attitude and do not much worry about their appearance. This is only tribe that do not go well with any of the other tribe. Disillusioned pessimist They are supportive people who are pessimistic about their future. They are also very careful with money Case study Task Purchasing an imported small car like the Austin Mini Cooper Political tribes Reason Most likely Buyers Lavish mod-conand Progressive cosmopolitan Lavish people are the big spenders likely to spend on luxuries of life. Some of the young earning who are passionate about cars would also like to buy cooper (Hanna, Ting Wade, 2017). Least likely buyers Ambitious saver, Disillusioned pessimist These people are more financially aware are young people (Hanna, Ting Wade, 2017). As a result, such people will find it difficult to afford cooper Going to the local caf for your regular coffee and breakfast Political tribes Reason Most likely Buyers Prudential traditionalist, Anti-establishment firebrand They are generally not attracted by luxury, changing social values and are savers and thus prefer local caf Least likely buyers Lavish mod-con These people will prefer high end coffee chains and cafes (Harington Beddoe, 2014) Joining a gym and fitness center Political tribes Reason Most likely Buyers Progressive cosmopolitan, Lavish mod-con They are young rich people with focus on career and thus they will be more health oriented. Lavish people have more disposable income Least likely buyers Prudential traditionalist They are not attracted by new things and are traditional people as well as savers Buying beer from the local bottle shop and watching footie at home Political tribes Reason Most likely Buyers Prudential traditionalist, Anti-establishment firebrand and Activist egalitarian They are generally not attracted by luxury, changing social values and are savers and thus prefer local caf Least likely buyers Lavish mod-con Such people will go expensive clubs and enjoys superior liquor as compared to buy at local beer shop Ordering food online through providers like Menulog, Panda Food e.t.c. Political tribes Reason Most likely Buyers Progressive cosmopolitan and Disillusioned pessimist Progressive cosmopolitan are comprise of young earning generation and attractive towards new things. Also, Disillusioned pessimistare very careful with their money and generally comprise of young people. Least likely buyers Prudential traditionalist They are generally not attracted by luxury, changing social values and are savers and thus prefer local food chains Installing renewable energy like solar panels in their houses Political tribes Reason Most likely Buyers Activist egalitarianand Progressive cosmopolitan These people have strong conscience and support climate action and thus they are likely to go for solar panels in their houses Least likely buyers Lavish mod-con As per the article, they are not supportive of climatic action and thus less likely to opt for solar panels. Buying homeware products at DIY (Do It Yourself) hardware stores like Bunnings Political tribes Reason Most likely Buyers Ambitious saverand Prudential traditionalist Young earning class with decent earnings that have begun to settle in their life will often need more house related things at cheaper prices. Also, old people who have time and passion for gardening. Least likely buyers Lavish mod-con Less likely to buy because they have better stores and places to shop Shopping at Big W Political tribes Reason Most likely Buyers Ambitious saver, Disillusioned pessimist These people tend to visit discounted stores (Rhodes, 2014) Least likely buyers Lavish mod-con They usually buy from high end stores and not prefer discounted stores Eating at fast food restaurants like Mcdonald and K.F.C Political tribes Reason Most likely Buyers Progressive cosmopolitan Such people have decent income and does believe in globalization also Least likely buyers Prudential traditionalistand Anti-establishment firebrand They are not attracted by luxury, changing social values and are savers. Firebrand are against globalization Playing poker machines at our local RSL or Leagues club on a regular basis. Political tribes Reason Most likely Buyers Activist egalitarian More traditional and generally earn less Least likely buyers Lavish mod-con Such people will go expensive clubs and enjoys superior liquor References Hanna, C. Ting, I. Wade, M, 2017. What type of Aussie are you? Meet the 7 new political tribes. The Sydney Morning Herald. Retrieved from: (16th May 2017) Harington, P.R. and Beddoe, L., 2014. Civic practice: A new professional paradigm for social work.Journal of Social Work,14(2), pp.147-164. Coleman, S., 2005. Blogs and the new politics of listening.The Political Quarterly,76(2), pp.272-280. Rhodes, R.A.W., 2014. Genre Blurringand Public Administration: What Can We Learn from Ethnography?.Australian Journal of Public Administration,73(3), pp.317-330